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Rotary slitter blades

We can produce several hundred customized slitting blades, including toothed, sawed, corrugated, dished, arrow, multi-grooved, compounded etc. We are highly specialized in manufacturing custom round cutter blades and rotary slitting blades per sample and drawing. If you have a drawing, sketch or written specifications for the blade you need, please let us know. Metal Cutting Blade. Rubber Bonded Stripper Rings. Packaging Knives. Guillotine Shear Knives. Chipper Knives.

Plastic Cutting Blade. Circular Cutting Knives. High-quality and Cost-effective. Competitive factory direct price! Get a Quote. Slitting Blades. Spearator Disc and Spacers.

rotary slitter blades

Straight Knives. Paper Cutting Blade. Circular Dished Knives. Wood Cutting Blade. Wood Circular Saw Blades. Special Cutting Blade. Recycling Knives. Irregular Shaped Cutting Knives. Share to:. Inquire Add to Basket. Rotary Slitter Blades slitting blades slitting blade manufacturer. Get a Free Quote. Related Products. Rotary Slitter Blades. Circular Slitter Blades. Product Category. Our company got high appreciation from our customers by high quality, good reputation and reasonable prices at home and abroad.

Welcome to contact us and visit our factory. Email sarah njjfblade.

All rights reserved.Accepts 3" OD score or perforator blades with. The holder mounts to a standard dovetail bar. Quick blade change out, no tools required. When ordering, please select which size:. Please specify type when ordering. If unsure which type you have, look at the air fitting connectors in accessories below, ref. The air fitting connector which threads into the machine's air supply is sold seperately, ref item Score Slitter Blade, 3" OD. Made with hardened tool steel and precision ground edge.

Offered in a Cameron style with. When ordering, select edge style: Sharp, 0. Precision radial bearing compatible with score and perforator blades. Please specify size when ordering. Axle designed to be used with. When ordering, please specify size: 6mm dia axle fit. Replacement air bladder cup. Made of durable rubber molded for a custom fit.

Approximate size: 0. Compatible with slitter holder, item US Hose sold seperately. Also offered in 10" length. As shown, supplied in a strong braided PVC tubing, 19" length, with US standard quick connect fitting.Optional materials. Size: OD Max. Application: Steel coil slitting linecombine with other slitting line tools ,like steel spacers ,rubber bonded rings ,separator discs,separator spacers and etc.

Inside : With anti-rust oil in plastuc bag Packing Details :. If you have any inquirywelcome to contact with us. Products Slitting Line Toolings. Cut To Length Blade.

Scrap Chopper Knives. Rolling Mill Blades. Wire Rod Cutting Blade. Other Industrial Knives. Optional materials 2. Our Service. Individual design of tooling system 2. Solutions for special slitter-tooling, designed for your applications. Technical service from our engineers to assist you in solve the problem of cutting edge and realizing a higher quality output. On-site Inspection 5.

Seminar and Training. We can custom blades according to your drawing or samples. Goodklife Machinery Technology Co. Summer Matt. Product Name. Rotary slitter knives for coil processing line.

rotary slitter blades

Hard alloy tool steel. Steel coil slitting line.

Rotary slitter knives for coil processing line

Rubber bonded spacers. Separator Discs. Hydraulic Nuts. Contact information.IKS offers all types of knives for every cutting application in the printing and graphic arts industries. Our paper guillotine, paper trimmer, and three-knife trimmers are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry.

Rotary slitter blades for sheet metal

Exotic high alloy steel material combined with unique brazing and heat treating technology results in sharper edges leading to better performance. Through Kanefusa we are able to offer Vitek, a state-of-the-art ultra-fine grained carbide inlay only available through IKS dealers for the ultimate in paper knife life.

Kanefusa products for paper cutting are world renowned in paper cutting performance. As paper chemistries change to produce acid-free, alkaline papers that are significantly more abrasive, Kanefusa has developed proprietary cutting tool materials and special designs to meet the challenge. Modern, high speed, labor saving binding and printing machines require special tools to keep production running at full capacity.

Kanefusa tools are recognized as the longest lasting in the industry. Phone: Products Commercial Printing Paper Knives.

Air Slitter Holder

About Kanefusa Kanefusa products for paper cutting are world renowned in paper cutting performance. Product Gallery.Rotary slitter s - with regulation of the shear guide and the rollers made of high-alloy steel of very high resistance to wear. This allows cutting of sheet metal over a very long period of time, without the grin Narrow width slitter rewinder with mm web width. Wichita braked unwind.

rotary slitter blades

Rotary shear slitting. Centre surface duplex rewinds with 76mm air shafts. Slitter rewinder with mm web width. Cw Single station unwind, rotary shear slitting knives, duplex cantilevered rewind, some spare parts. Centre surface slitter rewinder with mm web width. Splicing table. Centre walkway. Rotary shear slitting in grooved roller. Pear drop punch unit on microp Poma automatic Cloth cutter an slitter. Slitting Rewinding Flexo printing Rotary die cutting Laminating Cold foil applicator Turret rewinding This machine is made for professional label production and finishing.

Machine works completely impedendent Per Select Country USA United Kingdom Slovakia Italy Germany 9. Netherlands 8. Poland 3. Bulgaria 2. Croatia 1. France 1. Ireland 1.IKS is among the largest manufacturers and suppliers of replacement rotary slitter knives for both slitting and side trimming.

As with all of our products, we manufacture our replacement slitter knives from the best alloy tool steels and engineer them for your unique application.

Each knife we manufacture is hardened and tempered to ensure uniform blade hardness; this results in decreased regrind cycles, longer runs, and higher-quality slit edges. We use a variety of standard and unique alloy grades to manufacture our slitter blades.

All of our blades are manufactured from forged steel and heat-treated to achieve the proper grain structure and optimal mechanical properties necessary to meet your slitting needs. Every order for IKS slitter knives is a special application.

Slitter spacers are produced from Alloy Steels especially suited to last for many years of service. Tooling can be made to various tolerance levels to meet your most demanding applications.

At the heart of any spacer tooling set is a software program for building and maintaining your setups. Our exclusive software package is pre-loaded with the parameters of your slitting line as well as all of the additional arbor tooling and separator tooling used on your slitting line.

IKS will assist you during the startup of the slitter to be sure all operating personnel completely understand the proper use of the SAVE system, which will greatly increase the capability of your operations team. If you need help selecting which slitter knife, we recommend that you should be using our experienced technical staff so that we can help you determine which knife will best meet your needs. Slitter spacers are made from bearing steels and are heat-treated to provide the ultimate in slitter tooling accuracy.

Lightweight slitter spacers are also available in several configurations, including the lightest and most durable in the world. Click here to download instructions for typical slitter knife grinding. Click here to download instructions for typical side trimmer grinding. Click here to download our Metalworking product offerings. Phone: Products Metal Rotary Metal Slitters. Product Gallery.Slitter knives have a design meant to slit a wide range of materials in various applications.

They find use in many industries because of their ability to cut materials such as paper, plastic and textiles. We can design blades for a variety of machine models and customize each result for our customers.

If you need a knife for a slitting application, the York Saw team will partner with you to find a slitting knife solution that meets your needs. Request a Quote. Most slitter blades feature a beveled edge for optimal cutting power. A beveled edge allows a blade to slit material instead of creating standard cuts. When a slitting knife has the primary purpose of making punctures, it will have teeth. These teeth create smaller slits in progression, such as the ones found on tear-off paper products.

Our sales engineers can help you determine which blade solution will work best for your application. If you get our blades as an end-user, we will listen to your needs to design a personalized solution. We consider your business goals our business goals. This list includes just a few of the possible applications for slitting knives. Thanks to our versatile capabilities, you can specify a slitting blade design for a variety of uses. We understand that every blade application requires the right material.

Our customers choose us for benefits such as:. For more information about our products and services, contact our team online or call us at We had to have a complete cut and this knife provided exactly what we needed without making any machine modifications.

Thank you for all of your time and assistance with this project. I have been buying custom manufactured saws and knives from York Saw and Knife for over 35 years and have always found their quality and customer service to be exceptional. Request a Quote Most slitter blades feature a beveled edge for optimal cutting power. Applications for Our Slitter Blades Our slitter blades can slit a wide range of materials, including: Paper: A slitting blade can create slits and perforations in paper for a variety of purposes.

For example, a toothed slitter blade can create a tear-off line for tear-away paper products. Corrugated products: Corrugated products such as fiberboard and cardboard need high-quality blades for the best cutting results. Our expertly made slitting knives can create slits in these materials while keeping their edge. Food and meats: Slitting knives can slice and score a variety of food products.

We can develop custom blades for applications like meat slicing and processing. Foil and film: Our precision slitting blades have the sharpness needed to smoothly slit foil. You can also request a custom blade for slitting other delicate materials like film.

Textiles: Fabric requires a sturdy blade that retains its edge throughout regular cutting operations.

Our team develops custom slitting blades for textiles that achieve the cuts you need. Plastics: We can design slitting knives suitable for plastics of various thicknesses and compositions. Their sharpness and durability allow you to work with a wide range of synthetic materials.